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Stoopid Monkey
23 April 1987
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absinthe, adobe photoshop, astrology, barefootedness, being really sarcastic, big pixy stixs, biting almost anything, biting earlobes, biting elbows, biting hands, biting thumbs, black and white photography, breathing, bright candles, camden town, candy necklaces as jewlery, colored skies, coloring with crayons, computer graphics, cotton candy, couches you sink into, creativity, creepy abandoned buildings, crocheting late at night, daria, darkrooms, disturbing the peace, doc martins, dreams come true, dried flowers, dusty forgotten books, evolution of words, faded t-shirts, falling- asleep-tangled-in-someone's- arms, freedom of speech, hacking, hating preppy girls, individuality, inspiring music, intelligent conversations, john cusack, journalism, jumping in puddles, latin, learning new things, literary magazines, long deep kisses, loud concerts, loud music, loud traffic sounds, magnetic poetry, neopolitan ice cream, nice white teeth, not- sleeping-until-the-sun-rises, old people stories, people watching, people with accents, pez, photobooth pictures, pissing football players off, planes mistaken for stars, playing clarinet, playing guitar, playing in the rain, playing with ice cubes, pocket change, pointless bumper stickers, reading good books, reading under blankets, secrets that break hearts, self defense, sense of humor, sexuality, shaving everything, silence, silver chokers, sleep induced by pills, slidable socks, slow burning incense, slurpees, smell of gravity, smudgy eyeliner, snail mail, speakin' ebonics, spinning in circles, stretching in the morning, suckin' on gummy worms, swimming at night, sylvia plath, talking above people's heads, tatoos, teasing with intent, the color yellow, the idea of perfection, the original nintendo, the sims, the-perks-of- being-a-wallflower, thinking aloud, thumb rings, tongues, unclassical literature, unreachable balloons, urban exploring, using your imagination, using-words-with- all-their-meanings, video games, vodka, warm cotton sheets, warm long hugs, wasting my time, whose-line-is-it-anyway, wishes that come true, wondering aimlessly, writing letters to strangers, writing poetry, yellow journalism, yellow roses, you, yummy fuzzy soft yarns.