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Jewellery, vintage watches, gloves, bead supplies & other random bits

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Jan. 30th, 2013 | 09:09 pm

Prices (if given) are negotiable, just a guideline.
Make offers!!
Will do deals for multiple purchases.
Ask questions. Ask for measurements - I'll answer.
Be sure to check out the extra pictures linked!
I don't bite :)

1. Wooden jewellery cabinet. Left side has ring display & 3 drawers, right side has a necklace carousel to hang necklaces from. It turns. Excellent condition. Prefer pick up from Leeds but I can look into postage options if you really want it.


2. Jewellery box

3. Jewellery cube.

4. Pink soft gloves from Dunnes.

Non flash for colour

5. Basket storage thingy with lid

6. It pains me to sell these. A selection of unisex vintage watches. V. on trend. See the closeup pictures below & let me know if you'd like any of them.

Closeup & closeup & closeup

7. Another selection of watches. Women's vintage (& vintage inspired NEXT watch) this time.


8. Vintage bracelet watch. Stretch.

9. Vintage younger people's watches


10. American watch. Opens to reveal face, has mirror in the "lid"

11. Matching watch & bracelet. Mixed metal look like recent trend.

12. STORM ladies watch. Has crack in the glass of the face so will let go for v. little.

13. Small trinket box.

14. Floral vanity case.

15. Vintage/kitsch clock, memo pad & frame set. Memo pad has hole to stand a pen up in it.

16. Never used AVON straightening brush.

17. Light cream, almost white wooly hat.

18. Two Santa hats. Good quality.

19. Clown boy with ceramic head.

20. Pack of Spiderman design underpants. 9-10 years. Got my brother the wrong size somehow.

21. Glitter studded death rock cuff.

22. Necklace from Accesorize.

23. Green flower & beaded hair bobble

24. Brand new tie.

25. A number of cause bracelets, will split if you want any in particular.



28. Set of chokers

29. Nice selection of beads on black scooby.

30. Hair clips

31. Colourful plastic beads. Dolphins, butterflies, barbie etc.


33. Vintage necklace

34. Vintage ornate necklace

35. Elastic is ruined, selling for the beads.

36. Little clock. Wind up, doesn't require a battery.

37. Bangles. Will split up


39. Broken. Anyone want it for the beads?

40. Some friendship bracelets I made as a kid.

41. Statement necklace from Oasis

42. Beautiful brooch

43. Pretty little earrings

44. Genuine gold ring. Missing 2 gems. Guessing cubic zirconias.

45. Vintage ring. Gold coloured.

46. Gold chains, second one has no clasps. Will split up.

47. Green bracelet with dangling bead charm

48. Hand made seed bead necklace. Doesn't have clasps. Want the beads?

49. Another handmade necklace

50. Brightly coloured bead necklace

51. Want the beads?

52. Bought these at a recent community fair. A blind girl in our community makes them. Will split if you like.

53. Beaded choker. Orange & red.

54. Bead drop earrings

55. Gold chain

56. Necklace featuring a butterfly

57. Long gold look necklace


59. NEXT necklace












71. Spider ring

72. Lipstick ring. You could replace this with your favourite shade like this guru suggests: http://youtu.be/p6q42BDq4ms


74. Genuine silver ring, missing one gem on surround

75. Two goth/metal finger guard rings. These are awesome

76. Vintage inspired cuff, hinges open & shut

77. Plastic statement rings

78. Rosary beads

79. Necklace bought from AVON many years ago








87. Freebies. Selection of random things, beady things, hair clips, lonely earrings etc.


Thanks for looking! xx

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