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Some are mine...some are a clearout for Mom

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Jan. 30th, 2013 | 08:47 pm

I really desperately need cash as being off work waiting for the hospital stuffs for so long has left a real dent in my bank balance. Do make offers. I'm very reasonable. I will be posting new items up this week. I have soooo many pictures to sort!! Some of these items are to help my Mom clear out after finally apparently dealing with being an obsessive hoarder for 20+ years...she wants them to go to a good home, hehe.

Make offers. Feel free to haggle.
Prices DO NOT include postage or fees.
I send second class unless you request otherwise & recycle packaging where I can.
Will do MASSIVE deals for multiple purchases. Check out my previous posts!
Ask questions. Ask for measurements - I'll answer.
I don't bite :)

2. Adidas backpack. Brand New. Perfect for the Gym....or elsewhere obvs if you like wearing sportswear...hehe £22 including postage but not fees

Pictures: Lower left - inside main chamber, lower right - inside front pocket.

3. Redland backpack. Brand New. Perfect for backpacking or hiking as it's ergonomically designed for comfort. See padded areas on back, strap shape & many many pockets within the pockets for easy organisation for travelling. Make an offer keeping in mind postage may be quite a bit.

Another front view & another back view & Inside small pocket & Inside medium pocket & inside main chamber

4. Lorenz accessories leather handbag/shoulder bag. Brand New. Good sturdy construction...phone holder. £18 including postage but not fees

Closeup & inside front pocket & inside main chamber has two equal sized pockets: pocket 1 & pocket 2

5. Size 6 heels. Brand New. Black with gold. £8

Closeup & underneath/side

6. Size 6, grey leather shoes with mid heel. Brand New. Have a charming sort of vintage look. £12

7. Gorgeous lightweight knit jumper by Minosa. Size Large. Perfect condition, all beading intact. RRP £60 but she doesn't want anywhere close to that. Make an offer if you really like it.

8.Luxury wrap paper by Medici Arts. £2.50

9. Gold heart presentation box. This is only a couple inches big to give you some scale since the picture doesn't indicate that well. £1.50

10. Vintage St Michael Magnolia Stationary Compendium. Includes 10 writing cards (seen on the left section partway inserted into the envelope), 24 envelopes & 11 envelopes (seen presented in the right side section) £8 OBO

11. Really charming card set. The back of each card features instructions for projects to make the stuff featured on the front. Includes 11 country cards & 12 envelopes.  High quality, not flimsy. £4.50

Slight tear on back flap

12. High quality cards complete with envelopes featuring paintings by Gordon Benningfield: 2 x house, 1 x sheep, 2 x windmill, 1 x cows, 1 x butterflies. 75p each or all for £5.50 all in.

13. Doll on stand. £6?

14. Small clutch with easily concealable strap. I believe this may be vintage but the condition is so good it's hard to believe! £12 including postage but not fees.


15. Rainbow hat. Perfect for this weather. Brand New. £6

16. Supersoft scarf with pom poms.

17. Kickers hat & scarf set. Brand New. Reversible £10?

18. Pretty necklace/choker. £3

19. Awesome gloves lined with fleece...super warm. Brand New. £12 OBO

20. Brand New. £2.50

21. Brooch. £4

22. Brooch. £4

23. Selection of pony toys. Some are a bit mucky but should wash up fine. I know a girl was looking for some of these to practice customising on??? I think?? Happy to let them go for postage if you buy something else too?

24. Hard case box "clutch" sized handbag. "pleated" black fabric over hard case. £5

25. Brand New with tags jumper. Size 14. £4

26. Little dog ornament. £2.50 or £1 with another purchase?

27. Watch with white rubber strap. £4.50

28. Excellent condition. Good gift perhaps? £3?

29. Packard Bell USB floppy drive. Don't know if anyone would need this. It's brand new. Make an offer.

30. Woolworths. 75p with another purchase

31. Vintage kids braces. £5 plus fees but inclusive of postage??

32. Brand New short heel slingbacks. Size 6.

Thanks for looking! xx

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